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Thursday, November 26, 2015

About who you are Jean Bernick painting of Beau

I am a retired registered nurse living with my husband and 3 shelties in Boise, Idaho.  I paint in watercolor ,pastels and colored pencils.  I also keep a sketchbook in which I do at least one sketch a day.  I am looking forward to participating in this group/


  1. Nice painting of your Sheltie! Welsome to the group!

  2. Welcome Jean. Your drawing is lovely. We are happy to have you as one of our contributors. I look forward to seeing more posts of your art as time goes on. Thanks for wanting to be a part of this blog.

  3. Hi Jean and welcome to the blog. So pleased you have joined us here and it is lovely to see your painting, I love the angle of the dog looking out, a very familiar pose in this house :-)

  4. Lovely painting of your doggie. Thank you for joining us and welcome to blog land! :)

  5. Nice painting of dog. I'm doglover, too.
    Happy PPF ♥

  6. Thank you, Ann. This was a quick sketch done while Beau was watching my husband blow leaves, an activity that he was banned from since he barks at the blower

  7. What a beautiful pucture! When mom draws me it looks more like a cartoon!

  8. Hey Jean so glad you are here. Love this painting of Beau.


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