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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Things about Me, Multiple Personalities of Penny Lee StewArt

I find my art often affects my life, and vice versa.

A few years ago, I spent several months painting pigs for a rescue site, and their sad stories affected me so much that I became a vegan. 

I used to be a professional puppeteer, and even changed my name to Penny Puppet for many years. I did ventriloquism, Hand Puppets and Marionettes.

I painted Cat Rocks and sold them at my craft store, The Crafty Lady Boutique, but they were too heavy to ship, although the still exists!

I tried bellydancing 20 years ago, and painted a series of costumed dancers ACEO size. My stage name was "The Pink Gypsy" and I even made a website,

I painted this portrait of my Chihuahua "Lily" and then spent several years doing pet portraits in acrylics and watercolors.

What's next?


  1. Oh my goodness Penny you have been busy. Love all your paintings :-)

  2. i so enjoyed your story and art Penny.. what an interesting creative journey! more to come for you!

  3. Multiple Personalities are wonderful! I love all of these! I didn't come to be a vegan because of animals, however, I like knowing I am saving some by not eating them any longer. I love my veggies! All these drawings are delightful.


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