What we love, cherish, wish for. What the highlights of 2017 have been.
(Suggested by Bev Baird)

Update : We are now keeping Themes for a WHOLE MONTH

Past Themes

1) "Close to Home" Lynn Cohen, Feb. 14-28 2014.
2)"Kitchen" suggested by Lisa Richards, March 1 - March 15:
3) "Gardens & Parks"  March 16- March 31, 2014
4) "Time Away From Home, Vacations/Holidays"  April 1- April 15,2014
5)  "Human Beings and How they Spend Their Time" and/or "Art Supplies", Elisa Choi April 16- April 30, 2014
6) May 1 to May 15: "Animals, including birds, Real, Imagined, Stuffed, Extinct, etc."
7) May 16 - May 31: "My daily life from morning to night" each day different! suggested by Elisa Choi
8) June 1- June 15: "Music and Musicians" suggested by Margaret Coote
9) June 16- June 30: "Treasures and Mementos, some of My Favorite Things" suggested by Jez
10) July 1 - 15 : "Buildings around the World" suggested by Lynn Cohen
11) July 16 - 31 : "Wildlife"
12) August 1 - 15: "Cups and Mugs"
13)August 16 - 31: "Selfies" suggested by Arnoldo L. Romero
14)September 1-15: "Flowers" suggested by Sirkka Jalava
15)September 16-30: "Life Events/Everyday Life"
16)October 1-15 "Stacks" (cups, pots, books, etc.) suggested by Sandee Setliff
17)October 16-31 "Still Life", suggested by
Sandee Setliff
18)November 1-15 "Fruit" suggested by Sandee Setliff
19)November 16-30 "Ten Minute Challenge"
20)December 1-15 "Monuments(ie: Statue of Liberty), Sculptures (ie: Venus de Milo, The Lincoln Memorial, carved things)" suggested by a guest, emie58
21)December 16-31 "Sunrise/Sunset" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)

22)January 1-15 "Holiday Fun" (i.e. vacation scenes - Xmas/Thanksgiving etc) suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
23)January 16-31 "Odd Characters" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
24)February 1-15 "The house you grew up in" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
25)February 16-28 "The Town you grew up in" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
26)March 1-15 "Fantasy Destinations" (places you would love to visit) suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
27)March 16-31 "Spring"
28)April 1-15 "Landscape"
29)April 16-30 "People"
30) May 1-15 "Water"
31) May 16-31 "New & Different Art Supplies" suggested by Lynn Cohen
32) June 1-15: "Pick a favorite artist, dead or alive, draw Your Art (subject) in Their style!" suggested by Lynn Cohen
33) June 16-30  "Pets" - Paint a Favourite animal or any animal for that matter...go wild if you like..
34) July 1-15 "Summer/Winter Madness" go wild and have fun drawing the Season wherever you are in the world this July. (Summer for some is Winter for others)
35) July 16-31 "Your favourite meal" be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or a meal out in a cafe/restaurant.
36) August 1-15 Photos will be added that you can draw/sketch/paint in any medium you wish...
37) August 16-31 Clothes & Shoes. Suggested by Elisa Choi
38) September 1-15 All Kinds of Trees. Suggested by Elisa Choi 
39) September 16-30 Activities people do inside and out. Suggested by Elisa Choi
40) October 1-15 Night Scenery. Suggested by Elisa Choi
41) October 16-31 Your Work Life. ( of course if you are retired you can draw a previous work life or what you do now in retirement!) Suggested by Elisa Choi (add on by Lynn)
42) November 1-15 Patterns & Textures. Suggested by Elisa Choi
43) November 16-30 Focus: the contributing artist. Draw something that speaks of who you are so people can get to know about you better. It can be anything. Suggested by Elisa Choi
44) December 1-15 A holiday in your country. Could even be a vacation/holiday you especially enjoyed. Suggested by Elisa Choi. (let's Label these: Holiday/Traditions)
45) December 16-31 Draw what you observe. Anything you see but without the use of reference photos! Suggested by Elisa Choi

46) January 1-15 Self Portraits suggested by Donna Bickley
47) January 16-31 Favourite Tools suggested by Donna Bickley
48) February 1-15 Favourite Animal suggested by Donna Bickley
49) February 16-29 Flowers
50) March 1 - 15 Big and Small in the same scene suggested by Elaine Pang
51) March 16-31 Fish Suggested by Elaine Pang (Jaguarish)
52) April 1-15 "Stained Glass" suggested by Elaine Pang
53) April 16-30 Things People Do Suggested by Lynn CoMo
54) May 1-15 Harvesting
55) May 16-31 Motion
56) June 1-June 15: Where You Live. Country, State, County, City, Town suggested by Jean Bernick
57) June 16-30 Home Interior
58) July 1-15 A peaceful place
59) July 16-31, Sunrise, Sunset, suggested by Jean Bernick
60) August 1-15 Summer, Vacation/Holiday Time away from home
61) August 16-31 Skies, suggested by Jean Bernick
62) September 1-15 School Memories, suggested by  Lynn Cohen
63)September 16-30 Important People in Your Life, Suggested by, Lynn Cohen
64) October 1-15 Fall Season, suggested by  Lynn Cohen
65) October 16-31 My Choice, suggested by  Lynn Cohen
66) November 1-15 Boats
67) November 16-30 Street Scenes, city or country scenes.
68) December 1-15 Holiday Designs.
69) December 16-31 Draw something from memory (could be about your family, your house, your garden, your holidays earlier in the year).

70) January 1-15 Wintry Day suggested by Indira
71) January 16-31 Anything Goes, Your Choice suggested by Lynn Cohen
72) FEBRUARY 1 - 28  Landscapes
73) MARCH 1 - 31 Spring Flowers.