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Friday, September 12, 2014

Flowers, Another Sunflower, Penny Stewart

My Sunflower Painting 5x7 Acrylic on Paper.
"Another Sunflower" For sale on Daily Paintworks

I like to use 140# watercolor paper for my practice acrylic paintings. You can cut it any size, to fit a frame or mat that you already have. And it is less expensive than buying canvas boards or other surfaces. If you give the paper a coat of gesso first, it feels a little like canvas and you can mat it for framing. This one fits in an 8x10 frame (does not need glass) and I chose a soft yellow mat. I am in an acrylic group on Facebook learning some new techniques from an artist named Chantel Barber. She provided the photo below to paint from and she gives suggestions and critiques on the paintings that are posted. I find it very helpful. I only costs about $7 a month and I love taking classes, online or in person.  


  1. Love this Penny. Thanks for sharing how you go about your acrylic work, it's nice to know what other artists do.

  2. It really sounds good with your facebook group. It is always helpful to get some others opinion of your works, perhaps I would try something like that too. Your sunflower is very pretty.

  3. Absolutely lovely, and nice of you to share these tips!

  4. Thanks! It was a "coincidence" that the first two paintings she gave us to do were flowers. LOL. I have another one to post this weekend, before the new topic starts.


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