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Friday, September 12, 2014

Flowers - Forgotten Pot - by Rob Kulas

There are a couple pots of flowers in the back of my yard that never seem to get enough attention.
I went back there today and realized they have been neglected. 
I thought I would do a quick sketch of one of them. 

Forgotten Pot 4 x 3.5 Watercolor


  1. You did a beautiful painting of your forgotten flower pot.

  2. Your art is so beautiful. How you just scratch here and there and it comes out like this. You are so artistic. Absolutely Love it.
    I admire artists who can do art this way.

    1. Thanks, I'm slowly learning that what I leave out of a sketch is equally as important as what I put into it. Sometimes these simple looking sketches are harder for me than a fully rendered painting.

  3. Rob this is a terrific sketch and painting of this scene. I too have pots of flowers buried in grasses in my yard!


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