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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Selfies, Lynn, Ann Hyde

Hope this is okay to use challenged folks on fb with this and felt it fitted the theme here...

(as I've said, I'm practicing)  ;)

I used a watercolour pencil then went over with a little clear water.  Added a little blush to the skin, but didn't want to make this too wet due to the fact the watercolour pencil would run too much.

How did I go about this - I didn't look at Lynn's features, I just concentrated on the shading starting with the darkest.


  1. Good likeness! I recognized her right away.

  2. You did it again, Ann! She is really like Lynn. It is an interesting way to go ahead with painting. I have really practiced something like this in my portrait painting too. Portraits are light and shadows, as well as all painting when you think on it strictly.+ colors.

    1. Thanks Sirkka, high praise coming from you, as you are so good at portraits. I have to admit, I am no good at portraits, at least doing them how most people set them out. Doing them with a different approach like this one, looking at the shadows and shapes only (forgetting the fact I'm drawing a face), is working for me so much better. I just need to keep at it :-)

    2. It's a great approach Ann and working very well. I've done this myself when approaching a daunting subject (like a tree with WAY too many branches...) just working on each block of shape or tone like putting the puzzle together. It's magic how the image emerges. Well done!

  3. I so appreciate all your portraits and your sharing how you approach them! I want to try all your ideas!

  4. I like how you used the watercolor pencils so nicely in this. Good job!

  5. Wonderful style Ann...I can definitely recognize Lynn... Love it!

    Hugs Giggles


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