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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Selfies and Others, Margaret by Joan Tavolott

Margaret, thanks for the reference photo. I am doing these small, about 4 x 5.
I'll be doing another "victim" probably tomorrow although the next few days are very busy for me. 
I have my first solo art reception tonight and then I am participating in a local plein air paintout from Friday until Sunday. I don't know if I will participate all 3 days but I will be definitely doing either painting or sketching either with them or the Urban Sketchers in NYC.


  1. So lovely painting of Margaret.Joan, have a nice time with your painting groups!

  2. This is a fun one of me too! Thanks for making me your "victim" Joan! Congratulations on your art show and come back soon :)

  3. Thanks Sirkka and Margaret!!

    If you want to take a quick look at some photos of my show, they are on my blog.

  4. Lovely portrait Joan! May I ask what you like to mix for skin tone? I don't have a standard formula and seem to make it up every time, with varying results... and thanks for showing your blog link -- I went over straight away, and gazed upon and admired your art show!

    1. I mostly use a combination of yellow ochre or burnt sienna mixed with alizarin crimson in varying amounts. I use ultramarine for the shadows.


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