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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Selfies and Others, Selfie, Sirkka Jalava

Found this selfie I have made in the begin of august, I had forgotten it totally. It is drawn with dry pastels after a photo, that i have tried to find now but not succeeded to find.  I know, where it is in the computer,  but can not find it when I should put it on here.  I must find the way to do it.  

                               Later:  Perhaps it was this photo I used, I am not sure. I can not get it bigger.


  1. Sirkka, this is lovely! You do such nice portraits! The photo is a little too tiny for me to work from. lol

    1. Yes, Ithink so too, that the photo is too tiny, but I could not get it bigger, I am very sorry. Thank you for your words of my portraits.


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