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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Selfies, "Self Assured", Lynn Cohen

I'm feeling better and better about myself as an artist.
I just noticed how my eyes match the chair here! I like that too.
I'll let the page speak for itself!
Selfies are such fun.

If you want to draw me you can use this photo:


  1. You are very confident with your sketching Lynn. Lovely drawing.

  2. You have a great style doing portraits!!! Your practice has definitely been great for your confidence and your skill.

  3. Lynn, I hope I had a little of your confidence with my portraits. It is a pleasure to see your work and I think too you have got a lot of self-confidence from your school classes.

  4. Great picture, great portrait of you. Such personality. A challenge, but I want to try it too!

  5. I love this, Lynn! I just learned of you today through Koosje's blog. I've fallen off the sketching wagon a bit, but you inspire me!


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