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Saturday, February 13, 2016

My first pet, Jean Bernick

I had to use the internet for this, as the only picture that I have was not good enough, but my first pet was a Scottie named Dutchess. Most of what I remember is stories about her she had puppies 3 days before I was born. Another story is that when I was about 1 1\2 yrs old, I was in the back of our house with my Mom on a winter day with heavy snow on the ground. Mom went inside to get something thinking, that I would be ok. When she came out, I was nowhere to be seen. I had wandered away on the heavy crust on the snow. Duchess kept running back and forth between me and Mom until my Mom found me. This sketch is not my Duchess, but I have always loved Scotties since.


  1. Oh that's a lovely memory to have Jean - and I love your drawing, lovely graphite work.

    I like Scottie dogs too.

  2. Thank you,Ann, I guess I've been a dog lover since birth.

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