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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Daffodils ~ Genie Robinson ~ Flowers

Spring Is on Its Way ~ Daffodils

My favorite little flowers in spring are my daffodils. I have them in all shades of yellow and in all sizes. I’ll go out with my scissors to cut them to bring in the house, and then feel guilty for cutting them. This is my first attempt at trying to capture them on paper and to get the trumpet tops to look like they are above the petals. You can see where I did have some difficulty bleeding the colors, but I hope that will improve sooner than later.  The picture is done with watercolor pencils and light pencil sketching.


  1. Good job on your daffodils,one of my favorites too and I think hard to paint.

  2. I think the colored pencil work is great. Have you tried watercolor pencils and a water brush? That would blend your colors in a whole new direction. Just something else to play with! This drawing is delightful.

  3. dear Genie, I remember you from some years back. Can't imagine you ever feeling 'crummy' as you stated in a comment somewhere :-)
    But I can see that your art and art blog will cheer anyone up.
    You may even inspire me to start one too, as my paintings are all over the house and I can never find them :-)
    Nice to make contact again. Do you still walk the AT?

  4. Thank you for your visit on my blog .A drawing is beautiful I'm thrilled.
    Love greetings from sunny Switzerland

  5. This has cheered me up Genie. Looking forward to Spring :-)


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