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Friday, February 26, 2016

Flower doodle, by Elaine

Flowers doodled on a watercolour background treated with salt and alcohol. (from Strathmore's free online workshop #2, 2014):


  1. I really like the effect of this Elaine, very good. It would make a great card.

  2. I REALLY LIKE THIS,Elaine. Thank you for telling us how you did this.Quite unique.

  3. Very cool. It reminds me of those carved out tiles that people print.

  4. This is just beautiful. I love it!

  5. Fantastisch einfach wunderschön !

    Ein schönes Weekend
    wünscht dir

  6. Amazing. I followed this blog from another...and I'm so glad I did...terrific art and themes...I will definitely mark it and be back.

  7. This is beautiful! I just stumbled upon this blog today. Happily, I have some laid back weekend days to check it out! Cheers and Blessings to all. :)

  8. Lovely process and result Elaine! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This really turned out to be a stunning picture. The way the alcohol and salt worked their magic is amazing. I did not know that Strathmore had any workshops online. That is wonderful to know. My favorite color is blue so no wonder I like this “doodle” so much. Hope you have a lovely week. genie

  10. Thanks everyone. It was fun to experiment in the workshop (they're free, by the way).


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