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Monday, February 22, 2016

Flowers, Lynn CoMo

It's spring in sunny California. Trees are blooming all over town. My peach tree in our backyard is in full bloom with branches full of flowers not unlike the pink branch on the right here! 
In Sketchbook Skool I'm being encouraged to draw digitally in the current "Expressing" klass. I downloaded a free app called Adobe Illustrator Draw and played with it today. This was partly drawn with my finger and partly with a stylus. It will take me some time to get the hang of drawing this way! 


  1. Lynn...I can't believe this was your first try. You did a great job. I'm a bit envious. I had that app and then took it off because I never used it. Guess I need to reinstall it. I have one of the writing /drawing tablets my son gave me. I need to start experimenting with it. Your flowers are so happy and whimsical. Love your putting the script at the bottom. Great choice of color. Hope you have a nice week.

  2. Thanks Genie, so good to have you here! It tickles me that my digital flowers have inspired you to try your hand again at digital drawing! I look forward at what you create!

  3. Well done Lynn, I've tried digital apps and couldn't work them! lol...I'll try the one you mention and see if I can understand it.


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