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Monday, November 23, 2015

Who we are, knitting a sock, by Elaine

Kind of interesting to draw my knitting.   These two interests of mine don't usually intersect!  I am using a self striping yarn, Paton's Dreamtime.  This is my first sock (not counting some slippers in thick yarn that I made last year).  I am somehow finding this quite a challenge, maybe because I keep losing track of where I am up to in the pattern, so often have to undo 4 or 5 rows when I notice a mistake down the track...

I have named these "Mockingjay socks" because of the colours and because I like the Hunger Games.  If you are curious what the finished item will look like, here is a link to the pattern on Ravelry:
and a link to various projects made with the pattern:


  1. Hi Elaine, sadly your photo didn't show up here, but it is nice to read your text and how your two interest intersect.

    1. Sorry Ann, I replaced the flickr image with a better one and didn't realise it would break the blog post. Fixed now!

    2. Great, I can see it now :-) Thanks for persisting with that Elaine, the interweb has a mind of it's own sometimes ;)

  2. I stopped trying to knit socks. Can do sweaters, dolls, Scandinavian patters, slippers, just about anything else but NOT socks. LOL
    Bravo to you.


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