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Sunday, November 22, 2015

About me, Crochet Art, Penny Stewart

About Me:  Currently I am crocheting more than painting.

I have always lived by the slogan, if one is good, then two is better, etc. I am now hoarding yarn, so if anyone has any they wish to get rid of, I will send you my address. Right now I am trying to sell my crochet wearable art on Etsy and but so far no sales.  If it doesn't start selling by Christmas, well, all of my friends and relatives will be getting handmade one of a kind crochet gifts this season.
I even made a hippie doll, which is called an Amigurumi, and that was fun! 
I may make more of these! 
Tonight I made a muppet head to hold my glasses when I take them off
Plus many scarves, slippers, hoodies, shawls, afghans, and 2 cat beds for my son's animals. Now that I write about it, it does seem a bit obsessive.  LOL.


  1. Love your pieces! I too love to crochet - mostly afghans.

  2. Penny, I especially love your muppet head glasses holder! That might sell as stocking stuffers!

  3. Love all of these Penny. It is so nice to see your artistic creativity.

  4. wonderful crochet pieces and your sketch too! great to know you more :)

  5. Thanks! This group inspires me to think and try new things.

  6. What fun and I do like the drawing of your crochet basket yarn and scissors at the top .


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