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Monday, November 23, 2015

Who we are, About Me by Elisa Choi

I like to sketch on location and sketching in pen is something that helps me to "quickly" express and have a personal connection of what I see. I like how I remember the things that I see more than just taking a number of photographs. I enjoy painting in lots of different colors and seeing my sketches come to life. I hope to inspire others to try and sketch their lives wherever they are. I think it's one way to just slow down and savor the little things.

This sketch is at a pie resto. They serve great pies. :)


  1. I love looking at your sketches. Very free and natural.

  2. It is lovely to see your sketches and you are so right, they hold a memory far better than photos.

  3. Fun learning about you through this prompt (yours) and your art! Delightful drawing.

  4. This is delightful. I like your style, using just the right amount of watercolors and white highlights. I aim to do this kind of quick sketch that captures so much!


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