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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Using Something Different", Lynn Cohen Goes Digital!

This month I'm participating in a challenge called EDM, which means Draw Everyday in May to a list of prompts.
#18 Lipstik

#19 Cupcake
#20 my billfold

Drawing digitally was also something I got exposed to in Sketchbook Skool's "Stretching" klass.
There's a lot of discussion about the right stylus to use. Some of them can cost as much as $60! I'm happy just using my finger, and it's free!


  1. These are brilliant Lynn...I've tried drawing digitally, but have trouble understanding the programs, so then I give up!!!! lol.

  2. gorgeous! I took a digital class as well and learned a lot about how to use just a mouse. No need for fancy gadgets. :)

  3. Ann, have you tried Paper 53? If I can do it you surly can! Glad you like these!
    Thanks, NatashaMay! I wonder how one uses the mouse? I'll have to look into that next!

  4. Nice to explore another way of sketching. Nice job!


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