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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New & Different Art Supplies, Flower Garden Using Markers, Karen Nason

I'm a very new artist, so I don't really have a medium yet. I usually do use watercolors and ink pens. I recently learned some new techniques using markers so that is a new challenge for me. I have never really liked markers, but if you have the right kind of markers, it can make all the difference in the world.

I recently took an online class and this is the class project for it.

I didn't really like some of the markers I used so I tried again in watercolor and then again using prismacolor markers.

I liked the prismacolor markers a lot more. Of course the box of markers I have from prismacolor has a good selection. Having good shades to choose from is the key I think. I learned a lot and have been continuing to use markers.

These are flowers that I like drawing and I tried out the marker techniques I learned. I find my self really loving the look and want to keep using markers.
This was a great challenge, I'm excited to see the different mediums or tools you all decide to try.


  1. Hi Karen and Welcome to the blog. Good to have another new contributor here. Love your Marker drawings, I've heard of Prismacolor markers but never tried them myself....perhaps now I will look out for some. Sounds like you have found a medium you enjoy working in, so keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more here :-)

  2. Welcome Karen! I like your flowers and your critique of the different markers. You might try Faber-Castell PITT artist pen Markers too, great colors and very wet! I also like my new Winsor & Newton Watercolor markers! Tom Bows also work well with water and can be bought singularly or in sets. I look forward to watching your art bloom here.

  3. How great that you are exploring new mediums. Good for you! Nice!!

  4. Thanks for all the encouraging energy! I look forward to trying some of those markers mentioned and seeing what y'all share here.


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