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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New & Different Art Supplies, Selfie, Ann Hyde

I ordered some new stationery recently from Cult Pens ---- no I'm not sponsored by them but just thought I would say where I got this new supply I'm about to use....the thing is, when I make a reasonable Order from Cult Pens, they very kindly send me freebies, as a taster to what they sell (hoping I'll buy these in the future I guess) thought I would give this a go here for our Theme...

This is what I received... two Staedtler pencils, one graphite and the other this Orange one in the Noris range

so I drew a Selfie from a photograph...


Actually, it was fun to draw with a completely different pencil
plus it was a fact I'll be using this pencil again for other
drawings, so it worked (their 'advertising') but who wins....
them for promoting something different
or me
for finding a new pencil to use

in the end it's actually

Win - Win all round

--- Thanks Cult Pens.


  1. Your selfie is well done Ann! And this happens to have been one of my favorite brands for pens. I keep changing favorites. I think I have almost every pen out there. Well, probably not, but it seems like it. The orange pencil will be good for drawing Hamish, your visiting dog!

    1. Thanks Lynn...yes, I hadn't thought about drawing Hamish with this, ummm.... 'now where is he?'

  2. Nice sp, Ann! It is sometimes fun to try something new.


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