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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Using something different, Big Brother by Rob Kulas

Watercolor is not my usual medium.
So for this challenge I chose these parameters.  Use watercolor, only one color. I chose to sketch on a 4x6 index card. I could only use one brush a 3/4 inch flat. And I could only sketch for 3 minutes. 
So I couldn't try to get details. Just values. Dark,mid and light.
I picked a random photo a family member took.

Big brother and little brother.


  1. I love the challenge you set for yourself Robb and the outcome as well! What fun! I hope you do more, perhaps tweaking your own rules! They rock!

  2. Love how you set yourself rules here Rob, what a result too, definitely got those values in. Like Lynn has said, I hope you do more :-)

  3. You REALLY like to be challenged! Admirable!

  4. Great way to challenge yourself! Nice!!


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