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Friday, April 17, 2015

People in Cafes, or not, "Old Man with a Beard, Wearing a Hat and Red Suspenders" by Penny Stewart

I painted this little ACEO in watercolor, pen and ink.
Done from the FREE reference photo below, provided by Darlene Carter on  I love this site for inspiration and ideas, as well as tons of great photos that I can use and not be troubled by copyright issues. You must join the site and credit the photographer if you use the pictures, but they have wonderful groups to join as well. The ACEO group has challenges going on for three months at a time, and one was to paint a portrait in this tiny size. What fun!
I love painting people, but rarely get out to a cafe, so my paintings are done mostly from photographs.


  1. This is great Penny. One, that you have met this challenge and Two, that you have used a photo from 'Paint My Photo'. You captured this character perfectly.

  2. Penny you did a great job on his hair and beard!!!! I love that you did it in such a tiny size.

  3. Really got his expression! Again, the small size amazes me.

  4. I love painting from photographs and you did an excellent job capturing him!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the encouragement.


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