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Friday, April 17, 2015

People on the Train, by Joan Tavolott

Yesterday's trip into NYC gave me lots of models to sketch in transit.
The man with the brown had sat really still but got off at the first stop which took about 15 minutes of travel...plenty of time to capture him. The man in blue sat to the right of me and one row of seats forward. When I take the train I try to think about where the best seat should be since I get on at the first stop. Right in the middle of each car the seats face the opposite way from the way I'm sitting, so I can usually have someone facing me.


  1. I am enjoying your drawings. I've drawn birds and dogs but especially yellow cottages. Still looking for that one. Blessings, Janet PPF

  2. Really good capture of these two characters Joan :-)

  3. I did the same when we traveled in Europe on trains and buses I tried to find the best vantage place to draw as many people as possible. Yours are fun. Great expression on the guy facing you, and good body language on the other.

  4. Thanks JKW, Ann, and Lynn. I've been doing a lot of train travel so there will be more.

  5. I love the different take on where to sit on a train as seen by an artist, lol Only in our world, eh? Great job!


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