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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flowers, "My Zinnia" - Penny Lee StewArt

I have literally hundreds of flower paintings, but I decided to just post NEW ones. Everyone is doing such a beautiful job on this topic. I like challenges, and the Facebook Group, "Reference Photos for Artists" (FREE) gives us a challenge each month to paint from a photo.  This month's picture is:
and I really tried at first to do it realistically, but I do not have that hot pink color, and the petals just were a jumble for me, so here is my interpretation.


  1. oh it is still pretty Penny. I know some of my colors did not match neither when I did paintings.

  2. Super flower painting. Did you use white gouache for the whites? Quin red mixed with quin magenta (W&N) might make a bright colour. I'll have to try this mix and see.

  3. Lovely work....i like the background too.

  4. LOL. The painting text said Zinnias and Dahlias and I do not know the difference. Thank you, Linda, for that clarification. I will have to change the listing. I did use goache, Maggie, because I almost always lose my whites when doing watercolor. Thanks for the suggestion of mixing colors. I will have to see if I have those colors, but I think not.

  5. Penny, lovely job on this!!! I love how you did all the petals especially those clustered in the center!

  6. one is a dahlia and one is a zinnia, the one you painted is a dahlia and they are hard to capture due to the depth and you do it so well


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