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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Selfies, Tonal sketches, Ann Hyde

Thank you Elaine (Jaguarish) for offering your photograph as a subject for this Theme.  Although, I do hope you will forgive me for these drawings of you...I do not set out to make an exact likeness...I couldn't even if I tried.  However, I have started doing tonal sketches over the last few days and have found the process very with this first tonal..

with coloured pencil, I literally have only looked at the tones, not Elaine's features

with this version, I used a warm-tone coloured pencil, then used water to spread the colour.  Finally, going over with pen.

the final version

Drawing the tones instead of the features was quite surprising....I thought I was getting nowhere, but when I stopped and looked, I had a face there looking back at me. 


  1. Ann, this is such a great lesson! Your faces are all three wonderful to see "looking back at me" too!

    1. Thanks Lynn....this is very encouraging :-)

  2. This is an interesting way to draw a portrait.

    1. Thanks Sirkka, it makes you look at the tones, darks and lights which if you put them in form the face. Who'd have thought! lol.

  3. I like the slightly different look to each portrait! Nice!!!

  4. I love the richness of the tones and the subtle way the lights the face. Incredible job.


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