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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Selfies and Others, "Sandee and Margaret", Lynn Cohen

I really enjoyed drawing Sandee and Margaret yesterday. At first I was aiming to get three portraits on this page and then I found I drew Margaret larger than Sandee so  I decided to practice my lettering on the page instead.

I used my new fine point pen, and then Prismacolor colored pencils that are water soluble. I used some water brush on part of it, and left it dry in places too. I also used my Uni Ball Silver pen on the circles. They look shiny in person.

Thanks Sandee and Margaret for allowing me to draw you both!


  1. What a great page. You manage to capture the likeness of both these gals.

  2. Lovely portraits of Sandee and Margaret! They have good likness too!

  3. Wow so fun to see how you drew me!!

  4. Nice portraits and nice lettering!!! You did a great job on getting likenesses of both of them.


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