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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daily Life, Time to leave the beach, Ann Hyde

Oh No, it's that woman who draws that dog again, lol.

Time to leave the beach.
"Oh come on William, it's no good pulling that face. Home for breakfast lad."


  1. I know exactly how he feels! :) Love his expression, and how you've done the beach.

  2. Oh another I like it Ann . From an admirer.

    Carol Ann

  3. Oh Ann, I love how your dark outline sets him off and the lighter grey interior of your painting. Yes, his face tells stories and so does that long taunt leash! I can FEEL the pull. Your beach and ocean and greenery are a wonderful stage for it all. So well done. Hi William!

    1. Yes, we did have to pull a little, the tension between us could be measured for sure, lol.

  4. Did you have to pull him all the way home? lol Love his position and the look on his face!

    1. Not all the way home Joan. A little bribery helped, we suggested his dinner was waiting for him at home, lol :-)


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