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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Daily Life, Wednesday Evening Sketching by Joan Tavolott

On Wednesday evenings I meet up with the Patchogue Sketch Club and we meet somewhere locally to sketch. We never go very far because most of the artists who join in have been working all day (not like me who is retired). lol Tonight we met in Patchogue at the park at the corner of Terry St. and South Ocean Ave. It is maintained by the Patchogue Garden Club.

I sketched one of the archways into the park with all the foliage, 
and included Reu'ven who was sketching too.


  1. Lovely Joan. Seems you have many opportunities to draw with other artists! A rich arty life you enjoy in your retirement!

  2. This really shows off your wonderful greens and reds! I love the intricacies of the view you've done here.

  3. Oh beautiful Garden with all all the details. Thumbs up Joan. The car in background and the person walking.

  4. Thanks Lynn, Ann, Margaret, and Carol Ann! I am lucky that when I moved out here I found several art groups to join. That's how I met people after I retired.


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