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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animals by Lisa Richards

This is what happened at my house last night. (For the full story you can visit my blog. I'm getting tired of telling it!) lol!

And, so, my illustrated calendar continues! Have a great day!


  1. Smelly little creatures! Nice sketch. I'll have to go over to your blog and read the story.

  2. Haha - Love this idea with the illustrated calender. Perhaps I should give it a try?

  3. Just visited your blog...hope the gas company don't charge you too much for finding a Skunk! Love your calender entry :-)

  4. My friends son had a skunk under his house. It had babies and when he came home from work all the babies running around. So a friends told him to do this. Get a can of Caracine and pour on a rag .Sit it in an open can. The skunk hates the smell. He wont come back. Love your skunk pic. Right on sketch.

    The skunk and babies left immediately. I guess Mr. Skunk thinks his smell is perfume to us.

  5. Uh oh, doesn't sound good! It did make a great calender entry, though! :D

  6. Yikes! I would not like that encounter, but it's such a cute looking animal and you've drawn it at its cutest!

  7. I just read the story over on your blog, and shuddered at the thought! You have made a great portrait of the skunk for your calendar, I don't know that he deserved to look so good.

  8. Nice sketch of the skunk! I will read the story later on your blog, Lisa.

  9. lisa your calendar sketches are creative! Never seen an actual skunk but you sketch him so nicely! he really stinks so bad? lol


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