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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Animals, Horses, Jez Eden

A couple of horsey pictures from my sketchbook, both sketched from life:

This sketch was made from life, looking on at a stables.  Several horses had been saddled, others were waiting to be saddled up.  They were constantly moving around, and I resorted to sketching elements.  I like a page like this with the feeling of constant movement.

This was also drawn from life on a different occasion, two horses in a field quite happy to stand quietly, close to each other.


  1. Love these en plein air sketches Jez. Sketching from life adds so much to sketches I think.

  2. I love both the energy of the first one and the peacefulness of the second.

  3. Really good! Wonderful combination of feelings in these! Love both the bits and parts, and the contouring bottom drawing of communing horses! I always wonder what they are talking about to each other!

    1. Thank you Lynn - this is proving just the theme for me, I love nothing better than drawing animals and particularly birds, either real or imaginary, so I'm enjoying the variety.

  4. Thank you Ann and Melisa - I agree with you both, on the life sketching which I always prefer, and the word 'energy' which describes well what I feel about it.

  5. Jez, I really like seeing all your sketches of horses - love seeing the whole page.

  6. Jez that is amazing you can do horses when they are moving. Wow! Excellent.

  7. Congratulations, Jez. I have not tried to paint horses yet. Or sketch them either. But they are my next challenge I think, after the dogs and bears and tigers, oh my! These are awesome. Thanks for posting them.

  8. Great horse sketches!!! I have tried sketching them and instead of their sleek elegant bodies I get these stumpy looking creatures. Nice job on these!

  9. Nice sketches. The hind quarters you drew are really good. That is a difficult part to draw.

  10. Nice crowd of horses, they really are moving in the picture. It is so natural for them to stay just as you have drawn with the heads close to each others.

  11. very great pen sketches jez.. lovely horses!


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