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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animals, 2 Dogs, Penny StewArt

2 Dogs Today, ACEO size
The original photo I was looking at does not look anything like these sketches.  
Well, maybe the eyes and ears a little.  But it was an inspiration to try something new.  This looks like a sort of graffiti art to me, watercolor plus pen and ink.  Maybe it's one of those "Naive" art styles.  Who knows?


  1. Hey you did well. I like them. When I try hard to make it look like what I want it too. Never works. So then I just do my own thing and I am just as pleased.

    My hubby says just relax and enjoy. Your not in an art marathon. Your doing art because you like it. Yours is very detailed. I have not got to what you do with lines and all. Your first one under the dog is really like him to me. Be proud.

  2. These doggies rock!! Love the style,! Where's my white gel pen?

  3. These are great, Penny! Remind me of a woodcut. Love the colors!

  4. Love these. The expressions are spot on :-)

  5. I love what you call your graffiti style, it seems just the right name. The dogs are gorgeous.
    It would be marvellous if you could give a quick picture tutorial of how to approach this technique - I think it is great.

  6. I love mixed media. These are wonderful!

  7. Penny, I really like this style! And the dogs' expressions are so great!

  8. Thank you all. The process was to sketch something freehand in pencil, very loose. Put some watercolor washes in various colors here and there, sort of following the drawing, but not staying in the lines. I have always liked scribble art so after doing some liner work I scribbled here and there with the black pen. Then used a larger black marker to make the heavy lines around the figures and finally used white ink and a dip pen to make the white marks. I sprayed the finished piece with clear acrylic and it mottled which gave it a nice finish, if not what I expected. Total Experiment! LOL.

  9. Zowie! These are beautiful.

  10. Sweet dogs, Penny! Good drawings.


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