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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animals, Sophie by Melisa McCurley

Sophie was awake for awhile earlier, so I sketched her. She's asleep again, now. :) She's very old and mostly deaf but she still likes to catch crickets and chase lizards. She used to catch the lizards, too, but they get away now that she's slower.


  1. Melisa, this is a great sketch! I like your ink lines and his stance!

  2. A lovely drawing of Sophie, she looks as though she is on patrol. I am so in love with your hatching and cross hatching, it is so well done and effective. I try this now and then, but am never successful (being impatient I don't try hard enough and long enough, I must have more patience). You inspire me to have another go.

    1. Thank you! I rarely attempt crosshatching because I am not patient enough, either. You can see I got lazy on her backend and got sloppy. I should practice it more because I do like the look when it is done right. It's handy for a black and white dog when you can't use paint!

  3. It looks in your drawing that she is old and slow. So beautifully done, Melisa.


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