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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animals and Others, Carol Ann

To-day is my imagination butterfly lady herself. Sleek and sassy.  She loves animals but she also lovesbutterflies as  # 1 and around her leg she likes the slithery snake.  They are her friends  as well. So I hope they are welcome in here with the other animals also.

I did my art with  Colored markers. Bought these when they first came out. They are like 10 years old or more. They have been real faithful as the ink in all these years not dried out.  I paid back then. Forty dollars a box. 
It was and advert in a local mall. A lady was demonstrating that perfect for kids, nontoxic markers. Two of each color in dark and light. 
They might still be around. I bought them for my Grandchildren for  my house. So when they visited. They were here with Grandma  and paper and all types of paper. Plus other toys in a box. So parents did not have to drag all the kids art and toys with them as well as their fav toys. 
I am sure other Grandmothers have done that. 


  1. I like your butterfly lady and the snake. I think the collection of markers for your grandkids was a perfect idea.

  2. Very nice butterfly lady. The snake is an unusual pet! :) Wow, your markers have lasted a long time. I also keep some toys, books and art materials for my grandkids. Have to keep them busy! :)


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