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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animals, Poor Wee Kitty Cat, Carol Ann

Yup Kitty cat got  stuck  up on  a tree branch. Oh my what will Billy do.  Tell him to jump to him?  I think kitty will call his Mommy.
What would you do? If that was your Kitty Cat?


  1. I'd wait for Henry to come down on his own. He will! Cute pic and story!

  2. Most kitty cats can come down on their own. Cute!

  3. I think cats just do this to make humans look stupid, LOL. I don't believe there was ever a cat in a tree that needed rescuing, but I bet they get a good laugh out of seeing us try.

  4. Oh she just wanted some attention of course. As she is not really high.

    I did see to be honest. On the news last year the firemen did rescue a cat from a tree..
    Then another time the same. Well we know when there is a house fire cats and dogs firemen do rescue but that is automatically a must..

  5. The cat can come down too itself! I have talked to my cat and she has climbed down. Cats are really good climber.


  6. sure like this idea of sharing art on this blog. --- barbara


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