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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Human Beings and How they Spend Their Time, Bellydancing by Penny StewArt

Bellydance Sketches
I did a watercolor series of 25 ATC Bellydancers awhile back.  Here are two of my favorites.  I took a few lessons and tried to become a bellydancer, but I just didn't have the coordination or the will to practice.  So, instead I drew lots of bellydancers and made bellydancer's web sites and linked them to my Pink Gypsy website to promote the talented teachers and Middle Eastern entertainers in Southern California.   


  1. This is amazing. You have done well. Practice makes perfect they say.

  2. I can see their bodies moving to the rhythm of the music. So well done!

  3. I just love the bellydancing figures!!! You really captured their moves and positions, especially that second one in the green outfit. I popped over to see your website...just super!

  4. Lovely paintings! I love the green one. A lot of movement.


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