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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Man Has Not Time To Grab Boat With Wind Coming Up

I did this with art pencil sketch description.   Was my own imagination.  
 I have to believe that the  men  did try  to get the boat. Was  not successful.
So left boat as is in my sketching here.   


  1. I like the way you use pencil, lively lines! I recommend you to draw from the model; whatever you see in front of you, or from pictures. Or you can go to somewhere out and find some interesting places or objects to draw. Before I drew from my imagination too, but when I realize to try drawing something from model I started to develop quite quickly! Just an idea for you! But of course continue to using your imagination too! :) Have a nice drawing sessions!

  2. This looks very realistic, how it would be in such a situation. Very well done!
    (now add your name and the theme in the title box please, thank you.)

  3. You get some great tones with your pencil!!! Around here there are many boats pulled up on the shore like this. Nice sketch, Carol Ann!


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