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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Humans and their activities "Dad's Afternoon Ritual" by Elisa Choi

My dad's afternoon ritual involves preparing his coffee, drinking it while eating a slice of wheat bread and playing his favorite mobile game. Sounds relaxing. ;)


  1. This is very good of Dads ritual. You have even a pen in his pocket. I am new so I am just learning. I like your colors.

  2. It must be very relaxing for your father to play the mobile game. I like to read something, or do sudokus..Not so good to do, when eating.

  3. You have drawn and painted your dad to look very content. I can see that one hand moving to hit the keys! Wow!

  4. Super sketch of your dad and his afternoon ritual! He looks quite content.

  5. Thanks all! He is content and relax!

  6. You are so good at capturing these relaxed poses of your family! They are fun to see.


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