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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yellow of the yard, Gardens and Parks, GloriaV

I came back to say Happy Spring to all! (added after posting) 
Well I did go out back again and yes my Ipad was a little dark but it worked for what was being doodled. Right now there is not much color in the backyard except for greens and browns. There are though a few plants that have color on them and the name of the yellow plant I'm not sure, but it has yellow leaves and is colorful all year long.
What is flowering though is a rose tree with yellow roses. I call it old faithful because it always blooms happily. I did quick sketches and as you can see, it's not very good.:(
What can I say, me does not know how to draw flowers and stuff.:)
Yellow of  the yard
Yellow of the yard, glv, 2014, PPPP, Ipad/P53
This is on the North side of the house and gets a lot of sun. The tree is a yellow rose tree, name unknown and has been there for years. We planted it many moons ago. The plant to the side is actually a hedge that might be called Forsythia. I'm not sure. It has been trained to grow like a big plant instead of hedges. We do have a lot of these yellow hedges growing on the other side of the angel garden from yesterday. To the left of the rose tree is our chili, tomato, onions, garlic and other garden.


  1. Gloria, You have absolutely captured these yellow blooming tree and bushes beautifully. Please stop saying you can't when you DO so well. I hope YOU will SEE it that way soon yourself. We must tame your inner critic. She is not being nice or fair to you.
    I love seeing the bit of vegetable garden off to the side as well.

  2. I love the rose bush, and I think it's very good Gloria, especially as a digital drawing. Its stylised design makes me think of an Art Nouveau rosebush, which is a lovely idea. We so often think our own sketches are 'not very good', but when somebody else sees them there is no inner critic and we recognise the ideas you have painted into the picture and love it. At least, I do, and I'm sure others do as well.

  3. A rose tree, how wonderful! I am glad if mine don't wither up and die before they reach three feet tall. How lovely so much yellow. Cheer!

  4. How great to have a rose bush in bloom now! Nice sketch of this part of your yard. I love forsythia bushes when they start to bloom. Around here there are a lot of them and it is just amazing to see them when they all bloom...of course we are not quite at that stage in our weather yet. lol It will probably get very warm quickly since it has been so cold for so long. lol

  5. Gloria i really like your drawing and the colors of yellow and greens in its abundance! Makes me want to visit your delicious garden!

  6. Gloria, happy spring to you too! I love your yellow bushes and rose tree. I think i have my Forsythia bloming soon too. It goes quckly then the spring is here!


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