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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gardens & Parks, Chocolatte's Garden, GloriaV

We were at my Mom's today in San Jose, most of the day so I didn't get to post earlier.
 This will be my last post for Gardens & Parks. This is one garden area outside the back door. I call it Chocolatte's Garden because this is where my little family pet member kicks back and has fun.
Not a very good sketch. The bigger trees are meant to be cypress trees and the plants in front of the brown fence are actually all rose trees and the other trees in buckets are also roses. My husband has a thing for roses. We laid brick tiles all around this area and have poppies and other growing between the frost bitten avocado trees. There is lavender growing and little bushes here and there.
There is a lemon tree and just picked the lemons and juiced them all. I grated the lemons for lemon zest, bagged it in a baggie, juiced all the lemons and put in little plastic cups about 2/3 ounces each. Put the lid on each tiny container and bagged and froze for later use.
The days to come will be nice and that means spending time outdoors. Sorry about the messy fence, someone wrote on it. Tee hee.
We always have tables outside. Thanks everyone. If I haven't gotten to your latest post I will tomorrow. As I said we have been out of town today.
Viva Gardens & Parks. It was a wonderful theme suggested by Ann. Thanks Ann.
Chocolatte's Garden


  1. You seem to enjoy the Ipad drawing. I am going to have to try that one of these days. Do you use a paint brush tool?

  2. Glad you have enjoyed this theme Gloria. Here's hoping the next theme will be successful too. Your garden picture is great. I find it incredible how you get all the layers into digital work like this...looking forward to seeing more of these.

    1. Yes, it was a great theme and do look forward to the next theme. Thank you for your nice comment. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Penny. I am enjoying it, in fact too much and am missing the "real" paints. Yes there are paint brushes, pens, etc. Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.

  4. I like all the different textures in this scene!

  5. What a productive garden Chocolatte has. So many wonderful trees you've shown us here. I love that you have food put away for future use from your own little tree farm! Your digital art is so delightful, colorful and fun. See you on vacation soon, Gloria!

  6. I like your sketch of the garden area! We need to send some of Cris's chickens over for a little wildlife. lol Enjoy your time away and we will see you in the "time Away From Home" theme.

  7. This is a cool use of perspective in your digital sketch. Everything looks so green and peaceful. Blessings!

  8. Thanks all for your comments. Food put away for future use works.:) We have lots of chickens and birds Joan.:) Well, my husband does. Sometimes it's all brown Arnoldo, tee hee. :) Thanks Margaret, I'm really not too good with texture, although I do try.:)) I do enjoy the Ipad use Penny.:)


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