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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gardens and Parks, gardenia by Margaret Coote

We just got another foot or so of snow! On my way to work it was almost like the city is fed up, they decided not to plow or shovel several parts of the sidewalk…so at times it was a true trek :)

Anyway, the school where I teach has this lovely potted gardenia tree - I figure it counts as a tiny indoor garden - and I took a few minutes to quickly draw a couple of the blossoms…

I did this in my calendar, so that's what you see showing through.

After I'd posted this, I thought I'd add some color and see what happened, so here it is!


  1. The gardenias are lovely, and the background (calendar) looks like a tablecloth. Very nice.

  2. Perfect painting of this gardenia Margaret. I love that you drew this on another surface, makes such a great background.

  3. Lovely flowers! I can almost smell that strong perfume gardenias give off. They remind me of corsages from prom.

  4. Hi Margaret. I love Gardenias. Great job on it. We have a potted gardenia and it really lets it's scent out when flowering. A very beautiful flower as is your drawing.

  5. Love your gardenia sketch and it looks super with the added color. I always thought they had the most beautiful fragrance. When I was young my Uncle Stanley was godfather to two of my sisters. Every Easter he would buy them each a gardenia corsage...of course I was as jealous as hell! lol I'm sure my other sister felt left out too...but my brother didn't care. lol

  6. Thank you everyone! I love hearing your gardenia stories and memories. They do have such an intense fragrance. As I was rushing in to work today the scent literally turned my head, it was so strong!

  7. These is a breathtaking botanical. The gardenia stands out beautifully against the light blue washes. Blessings!


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