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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gardens and Parks Sitting in my garden with the pets. by Cris Marlow

Sat in our garden the one warm day we had while caring for our neighbors critters last week while they were away on spring break. We had Milo their black lab with us and I sketched him and our chickens pecking in the yard around him. I didn't have my watercolors out with me so I took pix to work from later but haven't colored this yet. I also decided to do a book mark so I found an old garden pix of some sunflowers I grew in California when living there. I have colored this but didn't get a chance to get a picture of it yet. Wanted to get one more sketch in for this theme.


  1. I will try to photograph the book mark painted and add it here later.

  2. I love the natural look of the chickens scratching, and the dog lounging. Hw great to have your own free-range natural eggs every day. Do yu have a cockerel as well? The sunflower bookmark will look so pretty when you have coloured it. Good idea, just the right tall subject for a bookmark.

    1. No Jez.. only Hens. and they are noisy enough. :) thanks.

  3. This is a lovely page of sketches Cris. I'm sure Milo is used to chickens wandering around him, makes such a great scene. And what a great sunflower bookmark too, looking forward to seeing it coloured :-)

  4. Cris, I love these chickens and the sweet dog! I can tell you know each of the chickens personally :) Lovely sunflower, too.

  5. Love Milo with the chicks and the sunflower too. Can't wait to see these painted!!!! Glad you added more garden Cris. See you on vacation tomorrow! ;-)

  6. Nice sketching. It feels relaxed and peaceful in your garden.

  7. Love the sketches of the chickens and Milo. The sunflower was perfect for a bookmark!

  8. Love your chickens just pecking away. How fun that you dog sit your neighbors pets. That's very nice of you. Great job Cris on your sketches. Can't wait to see them colored in. Have a great day.


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