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Monday, March 31, 2014

"My Fruity Life" by Lynn Cohen, in Gardens & Parks

My farewell drawing for our Gardens & Parks theme. Me back in my own backyard today. It was cold out, and me still in my PJ's and sweat shirt. I sat on my three legged stool with little kids plastic table to hold my paints and water bottle at my side.

I first drew the grapefruit tree on the left with paint. Elisa is encouraging me to just paint. But it did NOT look like tree branches and leaves until I added the ink to define them, my apologies Elisa. I will keep working at perfecting that skill.

My grapefruit tree got cut down to nothing a year or so ago. I was on Statin drugs for high cholesterol at the time and could not eat the grapefruit. I was giving them all away to neighbors. But some were rotting on the ground and attracting rats. Thus the decision to cut down the tree. Well, a year ago I changed my diet to a vegan one and lo and behold after four short months I was able to keep my cholesterol in check without the drugs! Now I can eat grapefruit again! So I can't tell you how excited I was to see the branches return and pink buds popping out on the branches I saw this morning. They called me to paint them.

The little tree on the right is a dwarf peach and it produces peaches like crazy each summer. It already has small hard green peaches on it covered in leaves. It's pink blossoms have come and gone, and they are exquisite to see. I have oodles of photos of them so could draw and paint them too!

Henry is the garden guard. However, he is unable to fend off all the rodents and birds that come to my fruit trees. But he tries.

I've enjoyed our time in the garden together these past two weeks and a few days. Now I must go pack my suitcases just as soon as I decide where I am off to first for "Vacations and Holidays!"
See you THERE tomorrow!


  1. Love the sketches of the trees in your garden!! How great that the grapefruit tree has sprouted again. Does the dwarf peach tree grow dwarf peaches or regular size? It has been a fun time seeing all the garden sketches!

  2. This is really good Lynn. I didn't know that fallen fruit attracts "rats?" Ayeeeeeee. Now that is one of my BIGGEST fears. I am so afraid of them. Wow, that brings to mind that we have fallen grapefruits out back. It's those grapefruits with lots of skin and very little fruit inside. I better go pick them up. Peaches are great too and it's always fun to share. Great job on both and I love your kitty.:) Have a great week.

  3. I forgot to say that see you at "Time Away From Home." By the way I also wanted to add that thanks to PPPP, I am learning the lay of the land and how to draw/sketch a variety instead of just faces. Thank you very much.

  4. I love your botanical drawings, and the inclusion of your kitty, was a nice touch. Blessings!

  5. does that mean grapefruit can cause cholesterol a bit? Lovely sketches Lynn. And it's okay! We are all learning! How i wish we have our own fruit trees plants. Yours are growing so nicely. Henry is too cute!

  6. Oh what a dream your garden is. The idea of growing grapefruit, figs and all those other Californian fruits makes my mouth water. Lovely sketches, with or without line drawing. I guess we pen lovers find it Hard to do without the lines. I will often paint and then add lines because it doesn't please my inner artist. But like you I will keep trying.
    Looking forward to the holiday theme.

  7. What a great story about the grapefruit tree! I'm so glad you can enjoy it again. Love these sketches and the layout of your page, and Henry V down there at the bottom :)

  8. Fun sketches of things in your yard. Nice you get fruit from your own trees.


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