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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Close to Home-Lisa Richards

I've noticed several have posted art that they did in the past. I hope it's okay to do that because I'm having quite a hard time coming up with anything new at the moment. This is a sketch I did a while back and I kind of liked how it turned out. Just a group of objects on my desk.

Hopefully I'll be inspired to draw something new soon! I'm enjoying looking at everyone else's art!

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  1. Yes, I think it's okay this first go around, however, I hope that we will all be encouraged to push ourselves to draw NEW things from here on out, as for me at least that is what this is all about. But no demerits are given on this blog, ever! ;-) I love that you drew Danny Gregory's book. I have that one too, and several others of his art books. I am also enlarging several pictures you and others have posted just because I can see the detail better. Hope you are okay with that. You can always draw your desk again, how it looks NOW! If you want to that is.

  2. I love drawing my shelves and desk, and I love seeing yours! Little still lifes like these, little setups that say so much about ourselves.

  3. It is interesting to see your desk and the things on it even if it was earlier.

  4. I love sketches of people's "clutter" because it is like seeing little bits of their lives. Your clutter looks pretty neat!

  5. Lisa, feel free to post whatever you want. If you have time to do new sketches even if it isn't the most attractive subjects we will be happy with that too. I always find if all else fails, art materials make a great subject and they are usually handy.

  6. Love the sketching of desk items. I also have Danny's book, so it was fun to see here. I also love looking at what people have on their desks.


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