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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back Yard Drawing with Ball Point Pen and Lined Paper Mary Walker

Bits of nature this and that found around the yard.  Winter offered less attractive subjects at first but as I looked closer it became more interesting.  I almost didn't want to leave when it started to get uncomfortably cold.


  1. I like that you sketched these bits of winter foliage from your own backyard! Are "the girls" your dogs? Maybe you'll draw them too one day for us to see? I like this lined paper too. What part of the world are you in, Mary? I'm collecting geographical data from everyone so I can say that we all hail from around the world! I hope everyone lets me know where they live. I just want to list countries/states not with names necessarily.

    1. I live in NJ the girls are my 2 daughters and 2 dogs

  2. I love the leaf with the chunk missing. And the look of drawing with ballpoint pen on notebook paper. I love when drawings can be anywhere, any time, any way.

  3. You see, you can sketch everything and it is becoming interesting!

  4. I love all the little overlapping sketches! My yard is too mushy to get out there right now.

  5. Mary, love the sketches of the treasures you found in your yard! Right now most of what we have outside is under snow or slush. I'd have to really search for things.

  6. I really love the casual arrangement and the ballpoint on notebook paper! This looks like someone enjoying the act of drawing!


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