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Thursday, September 15, 2016

School Memories ~ Genie Robinson ~ 9-15-16

Memories of School
There wasn't room on the my schoolhouse to write the name so I used mine :-) I always wore little English type outfits and sailor dresses were my favorites...and Mary Janes were my favorite shoes. We walked home for lunch at noon and then returned at two for physical education until four. At that time I was allowed to wear PE clothes and shoes.  There were no school buses. We all walked to and from school. The depiction of me is a moving doll I cut and painted with her appendages hooked to the body by picture wire. Sorry about the curve in the photo. Somehow where I had to place the journal and the page being a bit curved, the picture turned out a skewed.  It looks normal in my journal.


  1. I love this Genie. Your cut out depiction is perfect, what fun to make this.

  2. Love the name!!!!! Clever idea and art!

  3. I love your page and the memory that goes with it is lovely.
    Happy PPF
    Vicki-Ann :)

  4. Lovely. She looks like she loves going to school. I usually wore a kilt to school...but then I lived in Scotland.

  5. Your page is so cute and fun! Happy PPF!

  6. Great school memories. Happy PPF to you

  7. I am loving the girl! She is really cute! And I love how she is all ready for school and all that power! And thanks for the comment about grading papers. I think people who don't have to do it all the time don't get how much paperwork there is. I make the kids keep a notebook and I collect them every now and again. Puts a tiny amount of fear in them that they might get a bad grade. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika


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