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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Important People, On their Wedding Day, Penny Stewart

Important people in my life: 
My daughter Gina and her husband Dan
On their wedding day. 
I only used black watercolor paint washes and the white is the paper. This was done for a study of values in only black and white for a DPW challenge. It was painted from a reference photo of my own family. 9x12 on 140# hot press paper. Comes with a white mat and backing board to fit into an 11x14 frame. For Sale. Gina is an artist, so I never presume to give her any of my artwork, LOL.


  1. Penny, this is such a lovely family memory to have painted.

  2. you succeeded beautifully, a charming painting!

  3. Wow, this is lovely and a wonderful example of what we can do with black and white. Happy PPF

  4. Wow this is beautiful. Very nicely done in the black washes.

  5. this is a gorgeous portrait, and i love the idea of this blog!

  6. Definitely a nice present for a wedding couple. My daughter is an artist too and I would never give her a gift of my work but she will occasionally ask for something and it is immediately hers.

  7. Penny, nicely done. I'm sure she would have loved to have this. Just because someone is an artist in their own right doesn't mean they wouldn't appreciate the work of another person.


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