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Monday, September 26, 2016

Important Person: my sweeetie

first of all, thanks so much for the invite to participate!

I did this portrait of my husband Jim who I think is a beautiful and wonderful and wise man in many ways and who has in 11 years made my life awesome by providing warmth and love in all ways and challenging me to grow as a person in important ways. I also admire his priciples and we also have fun collaborating on things, for fun and (sometimes) profit

i did this portrait which i don't think is 100% likeness and one reason is that he wasn't sitting for it, nor was i consulting a photo- i started drawing it freehand and only when he randomly walked by in front of me would i ask him to look at me for a bit so i could correct something - but by then the damage was done

Mainly the nose area is the mistake, especially near the brow ridge area


  1. Hi Alicia,
    Not knowing what your husband looks like I have no idea if your painting is a close likeness.
    But, this I do know...I truly like it and he does look wise and it is a wonderful painting~


  2. Your sweetie looks like a very wise and loving, protective man. :) He reminds me something like a father snow. :)

  3. He does look very wise. Glad you have joined in her Alicia - love your painting.

  4. This is a strikng portrait - whether it captures a likeness or not! I love that the words of a diffferent frame behind it are "The Miracle Worker". He looks like one:-)

  5. A very striking portrait - whether it captures a likeness or not! How fun the words on a different frame behind him: "The Miracle Worker". He indeed looks like one! Makes me thing of... Gandalf.:-)


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