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Friday, January 1, 2016

Selfie, "New Years Day", Lynn Cohen

Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to lots of art from you all in 2016! Thanks for all your contributions in 2015, it's been great! I challenge myself and all of you to post a selfie a day for the next 15 days! Let's see how many we can do! No pressure, ( well, maybe a little)! 😜

I grabbed two parallel pens from my bag, snapped a quick photo of myself and quickly drew!
That's me saying goodbye to 2015, it was a good year for me, and getting ready, bracing myself so it seems, for the year ahead!


  1. Nice!!! Looking forward to 2016 too!

    1. Thanks Joan! Hope to see more of YOU here!

  2. How exciting to see ALL of your interpretations of you - just don't end up being a multiple! kik

  3. You always embrace a challenge Lynn, and you are streets ahead of me when it comes to self portraits --- or portraits of any kind for that matter...I tend to avoid them as you probably have guessed ;)

    1. Well, Ann, it's a new year! Perhaps you will venture out a bit on the limb and join me. It's fun.


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