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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Pensive, Self-Portrait" - CL Christian

We had to do a four color palette self portrait for a college art class I took several years ago. I chose to do this one that I use for my Profile picture that my son choose when he was setting up my website & Facebook. My reference photo was from around the time my husband had gotten back from Viet Nam, and I was reflecting on all
the friends that we had lost during that war.


  1. I really like this portrait CL, dynamic artwork!

  2. Your emotions exude from this wonderful art piece! Heartbreaking all those losses!

  3. Appreciate your insight Lynn. Yes, it was made worse because nobody was supportive of our Viet Nam Vets when they returned home, But now that has changed and my husband has a lot of people thank him for his service when he wears his First Cav/Viet Nam Veteran cap. Thank you!

  4. Very kind words Beverley! Thank you!


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