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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Who we are, drawing my day, by Elaine

This morning I walked to the bus stop and started drawing, with the idea that I would draw things throughout the day.  Sadly, I dropped my pen and bent the nib (the fine nib which made the grey lines below) and drawing options became a bit limited after that.  Also, I was a bit sad about damaging my pen!


  1. So sorry you dropped and damaged your pen like that, sounds more like the sort of thing I would do! Love your drawing, especially that you got some drawn before your pentastrophy.

  2. Great idea to do your day for us - so sorry yo9r pen did not cooperate!

  3. How great that you could draw anyway even with a defective nib. It shows your perseverance as an artist! Bravo to you! Fine pages!

  4. sketching your day is the best! keep it up elaine :) hopefully can still use your pen!


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