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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Who we are, Bev Baird

- more than paper and pen, creating journal pages, responding to events of the day, using quotes in much of my art, defines me more than anything else in my art.

Today, as I thought about the events in Paris and the world, the quote my daughter posted on facebook earlier in the week came to me and I went to play in my art journal. I used ink sprays, paint, collage and the new quote based on the words "Live, laugh, love" - words that have special meaning for me.


  1. These thoughts are with so many of us. It all boils down to love, doesn't it?

  2. Lovely sentiment and art pages! I couldn't agree more.

  3. We all need love.
    Thanks for reminding and happy PPF xx

  4. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your kind words.

  5. wonderful words and art presentation

    happy PPF

    much love...


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